Oats cookies

Today is National Oatmeal day in America! so I decided to share this oatmeal cookies recipe in felicitation. It has that crunchy outer layer; but softer on the inside. It’s nice to eat and quick to make; and completely healthy. Crunchy yumm yumm!

Custard Crepe

Crepe is a lighter form of making pancakes. Using custard in place of flour was quite daring; but then I wanted to know the outcome really. So I tried this for the first time and it came out really really nice. C’mon let’s dare…

Dundun alata

I have bought the locally sold outdoor dundun many times and I’ve always enjoyed it. The only challenge is that it’s only sold in the evening where I stay. I wanted it in the morning this day, so I thought of DIY (Do It Yourself). Yeah! Then I had to factor in my love for pepper… […]

Vegetable salad

Vegetable salad is a very healthy to go snack-pack you want everyday… trust me, you can have as many plates as you want without having to think of gaining some excess calories as in the case of junks. It is very easy to make and quick too; there are no restrictions to the vegetables too. […]

Macaroni and Veggie Sauce

So I realized I was tired of eating spaghetti, then I thought to explore other pasta. Macaroni! This came with mixed feelings because my siblings have never liked it; though I’ve always been indifferent too. I wanted this to be different; so I thought if I made a nice sauce with it, I would totally […]

Hibiscus Rice

For the love of hibiscus tea… I am practically in love with hibiscus tea- hot or cold. It was Presidential election day and I had no voters’ card so I was part of those who stayed indoors. Just thought to try something new and be part the on-going decision to make a change in the country. This […]

Yam Plantain stir-fry

Today’s photography class was tagged ‘appetizing’. The lecturer had informed us earlier that the subject was food, so I made a list for my course mates so they don’t have to rack memories for ideas since that is what I love to do most. All along I had forgotten I had exhausted the options without picking […]

Dine as Royalty

Are you really eating? I took this photograph because I noticed the ants sucking on this flower; as an ant, it sure is attractive. Eating for me is beyond munching stuff in a plate set before me…