Custard Crepe

Crepe is a lighter form of making pancakes. Using custard in place of flour was quite daring; but then I wanted to know the outcome really. So I tried this for the first time and it came out really really nice.

C’mon let’s dare…

Ingredients 1 Servings

  • Custard powdered 1 cup
  • Eggs 2 large ones
  • Honey/ Sugar as preferred
  • Milk powdered/ evaporated

Step 1

Mix custard, eggs, milk, sugar/honey; add 2 cups of water to the mix. I added lime zest to mine.

custard crepe


Crepe mixture Crepe mixture Crepe mixture

Step 2

Heat a non-sticky pan for 3 minutes on medium heat. Add a few drops of oil.

Oil in pan

Step 3

Pour mix in pan to fill width but as flat. Then turn for the other side to cook too.

custard crepe custard crepe

Step 4

Serve with jam, veggies or whatever you like… Yummy!

custard crepe custard crepe Custard crepe


Ps: You can add chocolate to make the crepe vary in colour and taste.

Custard Crepe

Custard Crepe

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