Beans Salsa

I found this patent chili peppers in a local market and just couldn’t look  away. You know what they say about the female gender shopping more than their list, yeah, exactly what I did; because the carrots just seemed soo in love with the chili and ball peppers as I thought of the beans salsa! I […]


Pancake Sharwama… As much as I like pancakes, I get tired of them too quickly. This brought me to include filling in my pancakes every time I made them. I must confess, I thought I was going to gain some weight from  binge eating this  recipe in June

Boli Burger

Here goes my food accompaniment of all time being a meal all by itself; haha and in all of its glory! This recipe is to upgrade one of my faithful food lovers- Boli! Boli, which is the Yoruba name for roasted plantain is my favourite way to eat plantain; but then the sound of  boli […]

Caramelized Chips

This recipe is as simple as it sounds… imagine the blessedness of caramel on baked fries; yeah, wake up!>> and smell. Don’t let it burn! Get it out of the oven now!!! Let’s make this happen straight up!

Coconut Brown Rice (Ofada)

#CoconutOfadaRice Eating Ofada rice was a special thing for me as I grew up because it was cooked only during festive seasons. The smell of it cooking was a good memory and the taste… oh la la; most especially was the special black sauce that was served with it. I just loved this moments…