Coconut Brown Rice (Ofada)


Eating Ofada rice was a special thing for me as I grew up because it was cooked only during festive seasons. The smell of it cooking was a good memory and the taste… oh la la; most especially was the special black sauce that was served with it. I just loved this moments…

Now, brown rice and Basmati have become my favourite types of rice not just because of their health benefits but also their natural flavours. Let me not delve into their health benefits for now because I can’t exhaust them in this piece. Let’s just go straight into this awesome coconut and brown rice combo that is sooo delicious.

Ingredients 2 Servings

  • Brown Rice 2 cups
  • Coconut milk 4 cups
  • Salt To taste

Step 1

Parboil the brown rice.

Step 2

Boil the coconut milk on low heat for 3 minutes; add the parboiled rice to it, and cook till soft on medium heat.

Step 3

Serve with desired sauce. You might want to try dine as royalty’s Ofada sauce- post coming soon!

Coconut Ofada Rice

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