Boli Burger


Here goes my food accompaniment of all time being a meal all by itself; haha and in all of its glory! This recipe is to upgrade one of my faithful food lovers- Boli! Boli, which is the Yoruba name for roasted plantain is my favourite way to eat plantain; but then the sound of  boli burger is one of the best things ever! Trust Me…  My love for plantain cannot dwindle. In fact, I should make a solemn vow…lol

Here’s to upgrading Boli!


Step 1

Cut into one-third parallel into the circumference of plantain from an edge. Do this for all four.

Step 2

Arrange them on the oven rack parallel to each other. Insert sausage in the cut through. You can use short skewers to the sausage in place in case they try to slide out during the oven time.

Step 3

Heat in the oven for 30 mins at 250C; or depending on how intense the heat of your oven is.

Step 4

Bring out the rack. Slice into the sausage with a knife; be carefully because of the heat. Then insert tomatoes and peppers and top with ketchup or dress as desired; you can add cheese too- it’s really lovely!

Plantain Burger2


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