The Near Tragedy!



Today’s meal was a near tragedy. It was not about the food o… the food was perfect; the challenge was the choice.

While I was focusing on doing something irregular for the new year day meal, I guess I forgot that I’m a real Naija babe. Let me explain, Jollof and fried rice is the regular for Christmas in my house; and Iyan for the new year celebration. In my paradigm shift thinking, I thought we could have something new; I almost shocked myself!

My big sister and her husband were coming over and I totally forgot that they do not fancy Chinese cuisine; so here I was making basmati with chinese sauce, pasta salad and barbecue. The good thing was I was done before they arrived- but the bad was the expression on their faces, like “ki leleyi”(meaning what is this?).  I pretended not to notice and at least hope that will give it a try; and THANK GOD they did eat. My brother-in-law did not eat as much quantity as He would have if it was the regular though, but I’m grateful he tried.

Cheers to my little brother and dad who would never make me feel insane for serving them any kind of cuisine ever…. I promise to post the recipes soon…

Cheers to 2016!


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