I confess! I ate the missing piece… Fruizza(*winks** I hope you crack it) is my new way of enjoying my fruits combination. I relish the taste that the combination gives- nothing can match this plus it’s a really simple way to combine and enjoy 3 or more fruits at once… this is the beginning of many to come! As for this one; my Dad had 3 of those pieces, my brothers did justice to the rest (except my initial missing piece**of course**)

Ingredients 8 Servings

  • Watermelon 1 centre wheel
  • Coconut slices
  • Apple slices
  • Cucumber slices

Step 1

Cut out a center wheel from the watermelon. Slice into 8 pieces as you would a pizza (knife would do this; you don’t need a pizza cutter).

Step 2

Top with sliced coconut, apples and cucumbers. You can substitute with your favourite fruits.

Step 3

Eat! Chow! It’s bliss!


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