Ginja Berry

Summer is winding down in England; this recipe should have come on the blog sooner (I know right). It is the perfect ice drink for summer weather. However, I am reminded of the maaany other countries that have summer all year-round… so, let’s get this done anyway!

Ginja Berry- are you thinking what I’m thinking?! I made from Ginger and Berry – Strawberry in this case. Interestingly, the ginger yellow and the strawberry red mixed to give orange colour like oil colour would (Yes, I am an artist; so I know). It is the perfect flavour combination for your summer thirst, I promise. We should name it The Ultimate Thirst Quencher!😎

PS: You should indulge before winter booms fully.


Ingredients 6 Servings

  • Water 4 cups
  • Plain honey sugar syrup works as well 1 cup
  • Ice as desired
  • Ginger 1/2 cup
  • Strawberry 1 cup

Step 1

Add washed and peeled ginger with strawberries (remove stalk from strawberries before blending) with water into a blender. Blend thoroughly.  Mix in the honey/sugar syrup and blend with the juice.

Step 2

Sieve the blended juice with a fine mesh sieve so the clear juice seperates from the pulp/shaft.

Step 3

Keep the juice in a bottle or jug to cool in the refrigerator, or serve instantly on a bed of ice.



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