Plantain Oats Bars

Self- isolating or working from home due to the current spread of coronavirus? Your mind and body is probably still adjusting to your new workspace. This could also mean frequent visits to the kitchen than you would have been opportuned to at work- perks of being at home ;). Potential end to your summer body […]

Apple Tapioca

I am yet to find a meal made from cassava that I do not like. Cassava is really versatile; and it is used in many recipes around the world in different processed forms. Cassava is low in sugar and has an almost plain flavour making it easy to infuse your desired flavours into food made […]

Garri Cupcakes

Garri is crunchy, ready to eat flour granules made from cassava popular in West Africa. Garri is commonly made into an edible dough ball called eba with hot water and a spatula, however it can also be eaten like most cereal- during which milk is often substituted with or added to water. Garri is a […]


Balance… Nothing speaks balance like the perfect blend of sweet and savoury. Personally, I mostly pick savoury food over sweet food but when I find meal that can bring together both worlds in the right flavour… Yes! that’s a winner. Okonomiyaji is inspired by a savoury Japanese

Suya Dirty Rice

Suya is one of my favourite Nigerian street food- it is thinly sliced beef well marinated in yaji and grilled, usually served in outdated newspaper wraps with fresh onions and sometimes other fresh vegetables like cabbage, carrots and tomatoes. In fact, it remains the sole reason

Minced suya

One street food I miss about Nigeria is Suya! £1 worth of suya in Nigeria can make me a meal easily. However, I have found ways to enjoy the pleasure of suya even with the distance… This recipe is one sure and fast way to get your suya experience with no hassle

Yaji Syrup

Oh yes! You can have the best of both worlds… Sweet and spicy! Haha😂 This is my newest embrace of flavour balance (why did it take so long for me to realize this good life 🤦- been missing out🙆). This is the revolutionary flavour for you if you

Love sliders

If you are passionate about love like me, you probably would have read “The 5 love languages” by Gary Chapman (if you have not, you should get your hands on it ASAP). If you have read the book, I am officially informing you that Food is the 6th love language

Suya Egg Muffins

Spice is back fam 😉 !  Heads up because you are about to be flooded with some new spicy recipes, starting with this suya egg muffins that combines spicy nutty yaji with the flavour of grilled meats. This recipe is a very easy and quick egg meal you can whip up in 20 minutes to […]


Bruschetella is probably the easiest and fastest canape you would ever make! It is simple and yummmmmy- an extra item that would be a major crowd pleaser for your Christmas table this year; you are most welcome 😉 This recipe came about

Ginja Berry

Summer is winding down in England; this recipe should have come on the blog sooner (I know right). It is the perfect ice drink for summer weather. However, I am reminded of the maaany other countries that have summer all year-round… so, let’s get this done anyway! Ginja Berry- are you thinking what I’m thinking?!


Asunboli! Asunboli !! Asunboli !!! Can you feel the rhythm… let’s dance hahaha This is the perfect appetizer for your next party; or if you are like me and just enjoy wowing your family’s tastebuds… I got you a winner!  It’s super easy with a remarkable flavour. Let’s get real quick into it…