Ginja Berry

Summer is winding down in England; this recipe should have come on the blog sooner (I know right). It is the perfect ice drink for summer weather. However, I am reminded of the maaany other countries that have summer all year-round… so, let’s get this done anyway!

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Asunboli! Asunboli !! Asunboli !!! Can you feel the rhythm… let’s dance hahaha

This is the perfect appetizer for your next party; or if you are like me and just enjoy wowing your family’s tastebuds… I got you a winner!  It’s super easy with a remarkable flavour. Let’s get real quick into it…

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My dear friend asked for this recipe on instagram this afternoon, I could not even imagine that it was not on the blog yet! This recipe is so easy, healthy and very filling- it can be enjoyed with milk, smoothie or yoghurt. Thanks Sis- here you go!

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Yaji Potatoes

In Nigeria, Yaji is a renowned spice used for a famous roasted sliced beef delicacy called suya. The flavour of yaji is phenomenal; oh how sensational your tastebuds would feel as you munch on this yaji potatoes- crispy skin, soft yummy on the inside… Continue reading

Spicy Mayoup

Upping our game… Hiii!

It’s been a minute… no, a year or two!

I’ve been voluntering with an NGO in a rural community, serving my country, getting married to the love of my life, and relocating from my birth country. I promise you that all through this time, I have been creating new recipes; it has just taken so long to be back to blogging… FORGIVE ME.

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Sandwich 7

Hi Hi…

It’s been a whiiiiile…  I sincerely apologize and agree that I owe You an explanation… that aside, I totally can’t wait for You to try this sandwich recipe as your next family breakfast. This sandwich will blow your mind, taste-bud . Continue reading

Sandwich 5

A sandwich is a food item consisting of one or more types of food, such as vegetables,sliced cheese or meat, placed on or between slices of bread..;says Wiki… whether it’s like sliced bread, bun, baguette, or even Agege bread Continue reading

Smoothie 1

Smoothie 1! Because this is the beginning of many others to come. This smoothie is suitable for all ages and diet type, even if you’re diabetic- but of course, you shouldn’t take too much of it. Here’s the simple way to get this beautiful deliciousness… Cheers! Continue reading


Macrewa is soon becoming a legend… It was coined out of its two main ingredients- macaroni and ewa (which means beans in Yoruba). This rev came as a result of Obafemi Awolowo University Awo Hostel boys who are renowned to make spaghetti with beans- “Spagewa”. The other reason I like the name is because I need a MacBook Pro like soonest… Continue reading

The Near Tragedy!


Today’s meal was a near tragedy. It was not about the food o… the food was perfect; the challenge was the choice.

While I was focusing on doing something irregular for the new year day meal, I guess I forgot that I’m a real Naija babe. Let me explain, Jollof and fried rice is the regular for Christmas in my house; and Iyan for the new year celebration. In my paradigm shift thinking, I thought we could have something new; I almost shocked myself!

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Veggie Salsa

Salsa only meant a Cuban dance to me till I knew it as a name for Spanish sauce. I noticed a lot of sauces that the Spanish people eat till I thought to create my own veggie sauce; hence I called it Veggie salsa. It is really easy to make, very quick steps and you’ll be eating and dancing… lalala Continue reading

Beans Salsa

I found this patent chili peppers in a local market and just couldn’t look  away. You know what they say about the female gender shopping more than their list, yeah, exactly what I did; because the carrots just seemed soo in love with the chili and ball peppers as I thought of the beans salsa! I really like spicy food, and trust black Cameroon pepper with this; but this time chili got me. So I made this spicy savory salsa for Continue reading


Pancake Sharwama…

As much as I like pancakes, I get tired of them too quickly. This brought me to include filling in my pancakes every time I made them.

I must confess, I thought I was going to gain some weight from  binge eating this  recipe in June Continue reading

Boli Burger

Here goes my food accompaniment of all time being a meal all by itself; haha and in all of its glory! This recipe is to upgrade one of my faithful food lovers- Boli! Boli, which is the Yoruba name for roasted plantain is my favourite way to eat plantain; but then the sound of  boli burger is one of the best things ever! Trust Me…  My love for plantain cannot dwindle Continue reading

Coconut Brown Rice (Ofada)


Eating Ofada rice was a special thing for me as I grew up because it was cooked only during festive seasons. The smell of it cooking was a good memory and the taste… oh la la; most especially was the special black sauce that was served with it. I just loved this moments… Continue reading

Grilled Herring Fish

Hello Corn, you are still the champ- I promise; Fish is just a side chick, don’t you worry. At this point, I think it won’t be fair of me not to confess that I have been cheating on corn. Even as I have professed my undying love to corn, I have still been eating fish more than four times a week. With due sincere apologies, I think Fish deserves to be celebrated head on Continue reading

Corn Soup

So my corn love is still on… I resolved that I must make a soup off this my corn addiction. I have eaten boiled or roasted corn almost everyday since its season began. Amidst other recipes I still enjoy eating corn boiled with just salt Continue reading

Corned Spinach

I have made almost a hundred recipes with corn in the past three weeks- but in my head; and each of them was fantastic… lol

I decided to leave the fantasy world and make them come alive… This was my first- Corned Spinach! I really like spinach; I add it in my meals and smoothies, so I thought to try it with corn as is my newest food obsession. My love for corn Continue reading

Happy Maizery!

Happy Maizery is my new way of greeting; I didn’t relocate to Maizery o, it is just my way of felicitating with this corn season.

My love for corn though… I see each kernel as though they were precious stones. I would have tried to bedazzle a black dress with them if they would shine and not rot. You know, they keep me appreciating GOD because they are an array of order as the obediently cling to their cobs in decent rows and columns, each kernel in its position without disturbing the other. Beyond their physical appearance, these beauties are loaded with health benefits. Every bite, crunch, swallow is a nutritious blessing… Oh Heavens! Continue reading

Oated Chicken

Oated Chicken! Yeah, you’ll have to get a big pack of oats because I think I’m beginning to have an obsession with oats; and I just want to try everything using this healthy grains. I’ve been used eating oats as cereals for too many years Continue reading

Oats Tacos

It’s been almost three weeks since I posted any recipe here; and I’m sincerely sorry. I am so soo excited to be back. Let me confess that I’ve made four other different types of oats cookies (recipes coming soon), so I wanted something more than cookies from oats- and it came!

Oats Tacos! It’s my first time ever trying this out and I completely loved it. hmmn… Continue reading

Oats cookies

Today is National Oatmeal day in America! so I decided to share this oatmeal cookies recipe in felicitation. It has that crunchy outer layer; but softer on the inside. It’s nice to eat and quick to make; and completely healthy.

Crunchy yumm yumm!

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Custard Crepe

Crepe is a lighter form of making pancakes. Using custard in place of flour was quite daring; but then I wanted to know the outcome really. So I tried this for the first time and it came out really really nice.

C’mon let’s dare…

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Dundun alata

I have bought the locally sold outdoor dundun many times and I’ve always enjoyed it. The only challenge is that it’s only sold in the evening where I stay. I wanted it in the morning this day, so I thought of DIY (Do It Yourself). Yeah! Then I had to factor in my love for pepper… I really love the spice pepper gives food; fresh pepper… hmmn…

Dundun alata is a really simple and fast to make… Continue reading

Vegetable salad

Vegetable salad is a very healthy to go snack-pack you want everyday… trust me, you can have as many plates as you want without having to think of gaining some excess calories as in the case of junks. It is very easy to make and quick too; there are no restrictions to the vegetables too.

I made about eight plates in 30 minutes. It’s really easy!

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Macaroni and Veggie Sauce

So I realized I was tired of eating spaghetti, then I thought to explore other pasta. Macaroni! This came with mixed feelings because my siblings have never liked it; though I’ve always been indifferent too. I wanted this to be different; so I thought if I made a nice sauce with it, I would totally enjoy it. Guess what? I really did!

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Hibiscus Rice

For the love of hibiscus tea…

I am practically in love with hibiscus tea- hot or cold.

It was Presidential election day and I had no voters’ card so I was part of those who stayed indoors. Just thought to try something new and be part the on-going decision to make a change in the country. This is what I came up with! Hibiscus rice. Really. My roommate was quite skeptical about the colour; she said I was trying to make Gothic rice because of my recent love for purple

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Yam Plantain stir-fry

Today’s photography class was tagged ‘appetizing’. The lecturer had informed us earlier that the subject was food, so I made a list for my course mates so they don’t have to rack memories for ideas since that is what I love to do most. All along I had forgotten I had exhausted the options without picking mine.

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