Custard Crepe


Crepe is a lighter form of making pancakes. Using custard in place of flour was quite daring; but then I wanted to know the outcome really. So I tried this for the first time and it came out really really nice.

C’mon let’s dare…

INGREDIENTS      2 Servings

  • Custardpowder               1 cup
  • Eggs                               
  • Honey/ Sugar       2 tbsps
  • Milkliquid                        1/2 cup

Step 1

Mix custard, eggs, milk, sugar/honey; add 2 cups of water to the mix. I added lime zest to mine.

custard crepe


Crepe mixture Crepe mixture Crepe mixture

Step 2

Heat a non-sticky pan for 3 minutes on medium heat. Add a few drops of oil.

Oil in pan


Pour mix in pan to fill width but as flat. Then turn for the other side to cook too.

custard crepe custard crepe

Step 3

Serve with jam, veggies or whatever you like… Yummy!

custard crepe custard crepe Custard crepe


Ps: You can add chocolate to make the crepe vary in colour and taste.

Custard Crepe
Custard Crepe

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  1. Adelowo Oreoluwa says:

    This is a very creative piece!

    1. Thanks Ma’am

  2. This is amazing

    1. Dine as Royalty says:


    2. Yes Sis. You should try it

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