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Are you really eating?

I took this photograph because I noticed the ants sucking on this flower; as an ant, it sure is attractive. Eating for me is beyond munching stuff in a plate set before me…

I have come to realize that my years of endless eating has not necessarily given my body the important nutrients it has always needed per time. The shocker came when my blood test result came out with zero white blood cells! What?! I had no form of immunity; little wonder I was getting sick and weak subsequently that year.

Waoh… But I eat a lot, how come I am not ‘strong’? I was worried, really. Maybe I should stop eating already… It took me a while before I realized that it’s not about just eating, it’s about eating what gives the body useful nutrients. So I thought I should propagate this gospel of healthy eating… Plus my food must look good for me to eat… yeah! I mean it.

Dine as Royalty brings You the healthiest recipes in aesthetic presentation. Treat yourself to delicious meals as you enjoy majestic culinary!


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