Hibiscus Rice

For the love of hibiscus tea…

I am practically in love with hibiscus tea- hot or cold.

It was Presidential election day and I had no voters’ card so I was part of those who stayed indoors. Just thought to try something new and be part the on-going decision to make a change in the country. This is what I came up with! Hibiscus rice. Really. My roommate was quite skeptical about the colour; she said I was trying to make Gothic rice because of my recent love for purple

lipstick, so I promised her that I’ll make it lilac next time since that is mild. She liked it when she tasted though… Yaay!.

You want to try this!..

Let’s get cooking

Ingredients 1 Servings

  • Hibiscus petals 6
  • White rice basmati will do fine too 2 cups

Step 1

Boil the petals in water.

boiling purple water

Step 2

Remove the petals after 10 minutes. Pour in your rinsed rice and allow to cook to desired softness. The colour that gets in the water  will naturally colour the rice.

cooked rice

Step 3

Serve as desired.

Hibiscus rice Hibiscus rice Hibiscus rice

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