Yam Plantain stir-fry


Today’s photography class was tagged ‘appetizing’. The lecturer had informed us earlier that the subject was food, so I made a list for my course mates so they don’t have to rack memories for ideas since that is what I love to do most. All along I had forgotten I had exhausted the options without picking mine.

I woke up this morning and couldn’t just think of what to do about my own food presentation; I wanted something nice and exceptional, but quick and not stressful. I got into the kitchen and noticed a quarter-sized yam… what can I do with this? Then I spotted the plantain. My oven is faulty; I would just have made a perfect roast. With some vegetables in the fridge, it all came together, yes!

So let’s get it done…

INGREDIENTS      4 Servings

  • Yamdiced                         300g
  • Plantaindiced                        1
  • Mixed vegetables      100g
  • Tomatoes                      1
  • Garlic                    1 clove
  • Onions                   1 bulb
  • Green bell pepper         1


Step 1

Dice the plantain and yam into cubes; sliced the onions, green pepper, tomatoes, carrots and peas.

Fry yam and plantain cubes seperately.

choppe yam

Step 2

 stir fry chopped veggies

Heat up 2 tbsps of oil in a frying pan, sautee minced garlic and sliced onions. Add in vegetables to cook for about five minutes with two tablespoons of water and a teaspoon of salt.


Add the fried yam and plantain cubes. Stir in; allow to simmer for 3minutes.

Step 3

Hmmn… Appetizing!..

My coursemates yanked it off though…


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