Yam Plantain stir-fry

Today’s photography class was tagged ‘appetizing’. The lecturer had informed us earlier that the subject was food, so I made a list for my course mates so they don’t have to rack memories for ideas since that is what I love to do most. All along I had forgotten I had exhausted the options without picking mine.

I woke up this morning and couldn’t just think of what to do about my own food presentation; I wanted something nice and exceptional, but quick and not stressful. I got into the kitchen and noticed a quarter-sized yam… what can I do with this? Then I spotted the plantain. My oven is faulty; I would just have made a perfect roast. With some vegetables in the fridge, it all came together, yes!

So let’s get it done…

Ingredients 1 Servings

  • Yam diced 1/4 tuber
  • Plantain diced 1 finger
  • Vegetables diced as desired

Step 1:I diced the plantain into cubes and cut the yam into half-size chips; sliced some onions,green pepper, chili, tomatoes, carrots and long beans- that was all I could find.

choppe yam

Step 2: So I took out my non-sticky frying pan, and fried the yam chips and plantain respectively with a cup of vegetable oil.

stir fry chopped veggies

Step 3: The veggies were put into the pan after I had removed the oil, leaving like just a tablespoon of it. I started by putting a piece of garlic and small portions of diced ginger in the oil to fry. The onions was next, and then the chili for about five minutes with two tablespoons of water and  a tablespoons of sea salt. After that, I poured every other vegetable too and left it to steam for another five minutes.


Step 4: By now I was stirring it all and the water had dried in leaving oil and crispy, so I poured the yam and plantain I had fried earlier and stirred for two minutes.

Hmmn… Appetizing!..My classmates yanked it off though…


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