Oated Chicken


Oated Chicken! Yeah, you’ll have to get a big pack of oats because I think I’m beginning to have an obsession with oats; and I just want to try everything using this healthy grains.

I’ve been used eating oats as cereals for too many years and I’m now enjoying exploring what oats can do… This time it’s crispy chicken! Oats grains keeps chicken very crispy- at its best. This is one crispy chicken you should have this weekend. Yes!

Let’s get crispy…

INGREDIENTS       8 Servings

  • Oats                           2 cups
  • Chickenmarinated      4 pieces
  • Eggwhisked                                 2
  • Salt                                           1 tsp
  • White/black pepper   1 tsp


Step 1

chicken in egg
chicken in egg

Preheat oven to 230C, while you; immerse well-marinated chicken pieces into whisked egg and roll it over.

Step 2

Chicken roasted in oats batter
Chicken in oats

Put egged chicken in a bowl of oat grains and turn over. The egg helps the oats to cling to the chicken. You can rub some of the egg on it to keep the oats stuck to it if the grains are falling off.

Step 3

Chicken roasted in oats batter
Oats roasted chicken


Place them on the oven rack to cook for 30 minutes. Before you even bring them out, the aroma will get you salivating!

If you do not have an oven, you can deep fry in vegetable oil. It is easy and lovely.

Oated chicken shallow fried
Oated chicken shallow fried



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