Oats Tacos


It’s been almost three weeks since I posted any recipe here; and I’m sincerely sorry. I am so soo excited to be back. Let me confess that I’ve made four other different types of oats cookies (recipes coming soon), so I wanted something more than cookies from oats- and it came!

Oats Tacos! It’s my first time ever trying this out and I completely loved it. hmmn… I have admired Mexican food for years because I grew up watching their soap operas. Tacos were really common and I’m glad I finally tried it out. I didn’t want it to finish; sincerely it was really good. I substituted oats for corn/plain flour to make mine though.

Let’s make some oats tacos!… Yipee!


INGREDIENTS         4 Servings

  • Oats                             1 cup
  • Water                      1/4 cup
  • Salt                            a pinch
  • Sugargranulated                1 tsp
  • Egg                                   1 large


Step 1

oats tacos
Blending oats

Blend oats flakes to powder with the mill of your blender.

tortilla mix
tortilla mix

Mix the powdered oats, sugar, salt and 1/4 cup of water to combine thoroughly.

Step 2

Tacos made from powdered oats
Tacos made from powdered oats

Heat a non-sticky fry pan at medium heat. Pour half of mixture into the pan flat like you’ld do a pancake. allow form, then flip over for the other side to be cook too. You can have it golden brown or really brown if you leave it longer.

Step 3

Serve with filling. Woolah…

oats tacos
oats tacos
Tacos made from powdered oats
Tacos made from powdered oats

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  1. Akan Imoh says:

    Hmmmm….I love this

    1. Dine as Royalty says:

      Good to know. You should try it out!

  2. Ademola Falana says:

    Nice and great job, but warning…”don’t come here when you are hungry and food is far away from you, or else…”
    My woman need to subscribe to this blog so as to have a regular and seasoned meals.

    1. Lol. Don’t worry, will create food that you can eat online. Lol and yes sure, would like to see photos when she does any of them

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