Caramelized Chips


This recipe is as amazing as it sounds…

Imagine the blessedness of caramel on baked fries; yeah, wake up and smell. Don’t let it burn! Get it out of the oven now!!!

Let’s make this happen straight up!


INGREDIENTS          4 Servings

  • Potatoes                      6
  • Syrup                 2 tbsps
  • Salt                        1 tsp
  • Black Pepper      1 tbsp
  • Gingerpowder           1 tsp
  • Garlicpowder              1 tsp


Step 1

Cut potato into chips. Soak in cool water and 1/2 tsp salt for 10 minutes. Drain and pat the chips dry with kitchen paper or a clean napkin.

Step 2

Arrange chipped potatoes on an oven tray. Mix ginger, garlic, 1/2 salt, black pepper and syrup in a bowl.

Step 3

Generously pour the mixture all over the unbaked chips and put in the fridge for 5 minutes. Cook in the oven for 20 minutes or until chips are cooked through.

The aroma and taste will blow You away!

Happy chowing!

Caramelized chips

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