Green Drink


I believe by now you are aware that I like… love food. I always like to try out new food- almost any food at all- no restrictions whatsoever!

In all the freedom of my eating, I have a custom to detoxify my body with green vegetable juice. I mostly use fluted pumpkin leaves- also known as ‘ugwu‘. It is quick and easy to make and can replace your regular juice for the day.

Spinach is my regular main green; basil and lemon are allies.


INGREDIENTS   2 Servings

  • Spinach        20 leaves
  • Water                   2cups


Step 1

Wash spinach leaves and tuck in a blender with 2 cups of water. Blend till smooth.

Step 2

Green Drink sieve

Sieve to filter vegetable residue, leaving clean green juice.

Step 3

green detoxx

Serve with ice, basil, lemon, honey or brown sugar as preferred. I use lemon/lime and ice for mine.

green detox 3

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