Coconut Banana Smoothie


Coconut and banana smoothie!

This smoothie is suitable for all ages and diet type, even if you’re diabetic- but of course, you shouldn’t take too much of it. Here’s the simple way to get this beautiful deliciousness… Cheers!

INGREDIENTS     2 Servings

  • Bananalarge                            2
  • Coconut milk           1 cup
  • Fruitsfor garnish as desired

Step 1

Blend bananas with 1/2 cup of coconut milk in a food blender or smoothie-maker.

Step 2

Serve in 2 glasses half-half. Top with half each of the remaining coconut milk, and dress with your favourite fruits. I used rosella infused milk (rosella colada) and pure rosella infusion ice cubes for mine.


Step 3


Summer’s best!

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