Rosella Colada


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Dine as Royalty’s  freshest drink recipe is suitable for all ages and diets- Rosella Colada! I really love to name my food recipes; rosella colada came about from the name of the drink’s 2 major ingredients- Rosella (from Hibiscus Rosella; also known as Zobo in Nigeria) and Colada (coconut milk). It is a super easy homemade drink that you wow your family and guests with and a great substitute to regular mocktail.

Let’s begin the wow-iiing!!!


INGREDIENTS                  4 Servings

  • Hibiscus Rosellaaka zobo             1 cup
  • Coconut milk                          2 cups
  • Sweetener/sugar/honey     to taste


Step 1

Boil the hibiscus/zobo petals in 4 cups of water for 5minutes.Allow it to cool. Drain the juice with a sieve to seperate the leaves.


Step 2

Mix the hibiscus/zobo juice with 2cups of coconut milk.

Optional: You can make a syrup (my syrup recipe coming soon) to sweeten the drink. Use stevia if you are vegeterian.


Step 3 

Serve with ice; and a dash of lemon. Dress with a slice of cucumber; or as desired.

Rosella Colada

Ps: Make some into ice cubes and top your smoothies with them. See as smoothie topping.


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