Sandwich 1


Hello… it’s the first of the recipes for the soundwishes series post… and it’s the simplest!

Good old sardine and butter sandwich. I’m adding boiled eggs for some more protein at the start of your day.

Plus it’s breakfast for 2!


INGREDIENTS      2 Servings

  • Bread                     4 slices
  • Butter                     4 tbsps
  • Boiled eggs                    2
  • Tuna/sardine         1 can

Step 1

Divide bread slices into diagonal halves. Mix butter and tuna/sardines. Slice eggs.

Step 2

Spread mixture on bread and top with egg slices. Place a matching side on each bread- you’ll have four sandwiches.

Step 3

Bon Appetit! I added corn and coconut to mine because it’s in season- be free to eat yours with any favorites.

Soundwishes Series- sandwich 1
Soundwishes Series-  Sandwich 1
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