SELT Sandwich


Hello Foodie… Make a wish!…

You should swap your breakfast with different types of sandwiches… Super easy and filling…

**wink** SELT refers to Sardine Egg Lettuce Tomato.

Boom! This is my ‘orijo’ o…lol

INGREDIENTS    2 Servings

  • Bread                    4 slices
  • Tomatoessliced                   1
  • Lettuce               4 leaves
  • Eggs      2 sunny side-up
  • Eggs                  1 boiled
  • Mayonnaise            2 tbsp
  • Sardines                1 can
  • Lemon Juice          1tsp


Step 1

Mix the boiled egg yoke with mayonnaise and the lemon juice. Spread generously over all the bread slices.

Step 2

Layer lettuce, tomatoes, sunny side-up egg, sardines and another layer of tomatoes on one slice using the other slice to cover up the stack. Slice into diagonal halves.

You can hold your stack using bamboo skewers or even long toothpicks… remember not to chew it though…lol

Step 3

Egg, lettuce, tomato, sardine and mayo sandwich

Bon appetit!!! Cheers….


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