Efo riro Sandwich



If you are Nigerian and have never eaten bread with efo riro before… chai! you’re missing a lot! Let me confess that I’m not the biggest fan of large portions of ‘okele’ (aka swallow); I can only eat little portions of it because it makes me feel heavy, but there’s nothing you can do to take away my love for efo riro. Being that ‘okele’ is my last choice as regarding this, I have tried eating efo riro with almost anything- even beans… lol

Case in point… For this sandwich, I had cheese, chicken, goat-meat efo riro, and goat-meat stew in it being that I like poultry and goat/lamb over beef- so this sandwich is like heaven in my mouth. Imagine melted cheese on chicken slices with the luxury of goat-meat efo riro and goat-meat pepper sauce… does it ever get better than this???

C’mon! let’s put heaven in your mouth…


INGREDIENTS          2 Servings

  • Bread                            4 slices
  • Efo riro
  • Goatmeat pepper sauce
  • Cheddar cheese
  • Chicken (cooked &diced)
  • Onions                          2 rings


Step 1

Pre-heat oven at mediun heat. Slice bread in diagonal halves and top with cheddar cheese and chicken slices. Place in oven for 5minutes or till cheese melts.

Tip: A bread knife slices bread neater than regular knife… that’s why it’s called what it is… lol

Step 2

Layer with efo riro, onions, goatmeat stew respectively; then top with the twinning slice. Add in an extra ponmo in your skewer used to stack for a fun and tasty topper.

Step 3

Chow!!! You’re the boss of your meal! Yummy…..

Sandwich 4

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