Ofada Jambalaya

You wonder why your folks don’t eat leftover rice, it simply because you haven’t tried this recipe. Ofada Jambalaya was another on-spot eureka moment creation with leftover local brown rice (ofada); its an official leftover makeover that was so good my brother didn’t leave me to eat it; sequel to  Ajekusine Rice (you sure want to try this out too)

Yeah! Let’s make your family want leftovers everyday. Ayeeee!

Ingredients 1 Servings

  • Ofada Rice (brown rice) leftover (or not) 1 cup
  • Pepper sauce
  • Ginger powdered a pinch
  • Garlic powdered a pinch
  • Offals and hides (inu eran and ponmo) mixed in the pepper sauce as desired
  • Diced plantain grilled/fried
  • Broth 1/2 cup
  • Fluted pumpkin leaves (Ugu) sliced 1 handful
  • Moringa leaves 1 stalk

Step 1

Heat up a large frying pan on low heat. Add the offals and hides with the broth to cook for 3 minutes. Add all the other ingredients except the fluted pumpkin and moringa leaves to the pan and stir well. Leave to cook for 10 minutes; stir every 2minutes.

P.s. **Do not cover.

Step 2

Then add the fluted pumpkin and moringa leaves and stir in to cook for 5 minutes.

Step 3

Allow to sit for 3 minutes before serving.

Ofada Jambalaya 2

Ofada jambalaya

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