Beans Pancake


FITFAM! Where u at? I gat You!

Ketogenic diet folks!

Beans pancake is absolute guilt free- protein pleasure ***winks*** Carbs got nothing on You! Can I get an Amen?


INGREDIENTS                          6 Servings

  • Queensbeanflour (sift/ run a fork through) 2 cups
  • Eggs                                                                  2
  • Water                                                         1 cup
  • Salt                                                         a pinch
  • Pepper flakes (optional)                           as desired

Step 1

Combine Queens bean flour, eggs, water and salt together in a bowl. Add more water if you like your pancakes light.

Order your Queensbeanflour – perfect powder consistency, affordable and completely natural.

Step 2
Heat up a frying pan, grease with cooking spray/ olive oil. Pour 1/6th of the batter into pan to cook, flip for the other side to cook.
Repeat for all 6.

Step 3

Serve hot! Eat guilt-free! I filled mine with this yummy Plantain veggie stir-fry – you sure want to try. 



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  1. hmmm looks nice

    1. Tastes even much better!😃😃😃

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