Semo Crepe

Semolina Crepe

I have this ‘weird’ lack of appetite for any okele (swallow) that is not made from yam or cassava; I just don’t accept it as swallow, and semo falls in this category. I genuinely don’t know the reason, I just don’t like how they taste- it just seems like flour to me. However there is always semo at home because mum loves it.

One beautiful eureka morning had me replace regular flour with semo flour to make some breakfast crepe and it was sumptuous! Semo crepe it is!


    INGREDIENTS          4 Servings

  • Semo flour                           1 cup
  • Egg                                             
  • Date sweetener                   2 tbsps
  • Water                              1/2 cup


Step 1

Combine all the ingredients in a bowl. Mix thoroughly with a whisk/fork.

Step 2

Oil a heated non-sticky pan and add the mixture in four parts. Flip each to allow both sides cook- golden brown.

Step 3

Crepe and egg top

Cheers! Served with with sunny side up egg, tuna and kilishi for a savoury meal. Serve with chcolate sauce or peamnut butter and fruits as desserts.


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