Mince Beef Suya


One street food I miss eating while I lived in Nigeria is Suya! £1 worth of suya in Nigeria can make me a meal easily. However, I have found ways to enjoy the pleasure of suya even with the distance… This recipe is one sure and fast way to get your suya experience with no hassle.

Suya is mostly made with thin cut beef steak seasoned with the famous suya spice yaji. This recipe uses minced beef instead of the regular steak cuts. It cooks faster and can be incorporated in many dishes- I’ve got some recipes coming for you.

Let’s get minced!


  INGREDIENTS                          6 Servings

  • Mince beef                                    500g
  • Yaji spice                                        3 tbsps (add more if you can handle the heat)
  • Mixed herbs                                           1 tbsp (dried thyme, rosemary and oregano)


Step 1

Preheat your oven at 230C for 10 minutes. Cover an oven tray with non-stick baking paper. Season with mixed herbs, onion slices and yaji spice.

Step 2

Spread out minced beef on prepared oven tray. Cook for 10 minutes. Cooked minced beef turns a brown colour ( do not overcook, you want juicy meat not tough meat strands). Top with extra yaji spice, onions and fresh tomato slices.


Raw seasoned minced beef
Cooked minced beef suya

Step 3

Serve as desired. It is perfect in this yummy shawarma wraps.

Ready to eat

Bonus recipe: Try it in this delicious Suya shawarma, Suya Egg Muffins or Okonomiyaji.

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