Nigerian Take on Okonomiyaki


Nothing speaks balance like the perfect blend of sweet and savoury. Personally, I mostly pick savoury food over sweet food but when I find meal that can bring together both worlds in the right flavour… Yes! that’s a winner.

Okonomiyaji is inspired by a savoury Japanese pancake called ‘okonomiyaki’ which translates ‘how you like it cooked’. So basically, it is a savoury pancake that includes your favourite vegetables and meats! Yes, that much fun (😭tears of joy 😂).

This recipe Okonomiyaji means ‘ how I like it suya-ed‘ ( I really hope Japanese food police won’t arrest me on this🏃) aka Suya pancake #suyapancake #yajipancake. So I already made your meat flavour decision for you; yes, suya is the choice. However, you can substitute the beef suya in this recipe with shrimp or your favourite yaji meat; just don’t leave out the yaji😉.

It gets even more interesting when you combine this recipe with yaji syrup – sweet, spicy, savoury pancake. There are not many things in the world that can give your palate this kind of pleasure – believe it!

Yaji syrup on Okonomiyaji!

Step 1

Mix pancake batter with spinach, onions and sliced peppers. Lightly butter a hot pan.


Step 2

Pour in batter a ladle per pancake. Top with minced suya and some extra yaji( it would sink into the uncooked batter side). Flip the pancake after the first side is cooked (about 3 minutes) for the suya side to cook as well. Remove cooked pancake from pan; repeat for the remaining 5 pancakes.

Add minced suya to uncooked batter side


Top with some extra yaji spice
Let the pancakes sit on a kitchen towel to absorb moisture from the steam


Step 3

Stack pancakes. Top with extra minced suya, spinach and diced bell peppers. Lavish them with love using this yummy yaji syrup. Yes you, my dear, are living your best life now!



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