Plantain Oats Bars


Self- isolating or working from home due to the current spread of coronavirus? Your mind and body is probably still adjusting to your new workspace. This could also mean frequent visits to the kitchen than you would have been opportuned to at work- perks of being at home ;). Potential end to your summer body loading hashtag, oh no! No way!!!

Eating whole snacks filled with fibre would keep you healthy and full for longer; so you can stay strong and be more productive. Sounds good? So, I had some overripe plantain; and this is definitely the time to maximize food and avoid wastage. This recipe is how I repurposed the overripe plantain into healthy oats bar; thankfully plantains are sweet so no need for added sugars- in fact, just added honey. Let’s do this!



Step 1

Preheat oven to 180°C. Layer a 9 by 13 inch baking tray (any rectangular baking tray around this dimension would do the job) with baking sheet/ parchment paper.

Mash plantain with a fork/ potato masher. Add in peanut butter, oil, honey, oats and cinnamon. Mix till all the ingredients are well combined. Add in half of the nuts/seeds.

Step 2

Spread out the mix onto the baking sheet. Spread it out evenly so that it cooks homogeneously. Scatter the remaining nuts/seeds (I added pumpkin seeds and chocolate chips to top mine along with the nuts).

Top evenly spread-out mix nuts/ seeds

Bake for 25-30 minutes.

P.s: Press in the toppings. I fogot to press in my toppings, this made them fall off easily after baking- you dont want this.


Step 3

Check at 25 minutes for doneness- it should have a golden brown colour.

Baked Mix

Slice into 12 bars and allow to cool.

Cut into 12 bars

Keep cooled bars in a clean airtight jar.

Hello Gorgeous Bars

Enjoy your plantain oats bars with a hot cup of green drink or hot chocolate for breakfast or as work snacks. Cheers!

Plantain Oats Bars
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