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The first time I made Egusi soup, my big brother was speechless! Some days later, my big sister called me to ask me how I made it; apparently the Egusi was disaster! Yes, it was not nice. Don’t you dare blame me… my mum had just passed away months before then, our cook had been relieved of her duty and my big sister was living with her husband. I had no clue whatsoever; I had never made Egusi soup- my big brother’s favourite.

Some weeks later, my big sister came visiting, she showed me her Egusi soup recipe- I tried it. It was good this time; my brothers enjoyed it. I went on making Egusi soup with her recipe for the rest of that year- it was banging.

One beautiful Saturday, I was preparing meat to make Egusi, I whispered to the Holy Spirit ( I pray about any and everything… so), “I want to make the best Egusi ever”. Oh Yes! GOD answers prayers…

This recipe will make you a star! Ask hubby!  FYI, my big brother has made reference to this soup; even while preaching (he is a Pastor)- he clearly does not remember the disaster Egusi anymore.

Time to shine!


INGREDIENTS      10 Servings

  • Egusi                                    2 cups (ground)
  • Palm oil                               1/2 cup
  • Meat                                                500g (goatmeat, beef or poultry)
  • Offals                                            500g
  • Dried stockfish                           100g
  • Smoked or dried fish          200g
  • Onions                                  2 medium
  • Long peppers                         2 (aka tatase)
  • Scotch bonnet pepper           2 (aka ata rodo)
  • Shrimps                                (optional)
  • Crayfish                                2 tbsps
  • Locust beans                              3 tbsps
  • Cameroun black pepper      1 tbsp
  • Green vegetables                      as desired (ugwu/ kale)


Step 1

In a medium sized pot, add ground egusi and onion mix into boiling meat stock. Add in the dried fish, stockfish and cameroun pepper. Cover to cook on medium heat.

Step 2

On another hub, heat up palm oil. Add in blended pepper mix on medium high heat for 10 minutes; add locust beans at 5 minutes. Stir in cooked meat, offals and shrimps till coated in pepper sauce; allow to simmer for 3 minutes.

This sauce is perfect on its own for white rice or yam… but this is going to be added to the egusi that has been boiling away in that juicy stock.

Step 3

Pour the simmering pepper sauce in the boiling egusi with crayfish; stir in to cook on low heat for 10 minutes or until the palm oil rises to the surface. Stir in the sliced vegetables; turn off the heat- the residual heat in the simmering pot is sufficient to cook the vegetable.

Serve with your favourite swallow or rice.



Season the meat and offals for 2 hours or overnight for best results before cooking. The taste of meat stock influences the flavour in your Egusi soup. Season with thyme, garlic, ginger, curry powder, pepper (cameroun black pepper gives an amazing flavour), salt, seasoning, onions.

Save the meat stock ( 3 cups); if your stock is already reduced and thick, take out all the cooked meat and add more water.

Soak your stockfish in hot water to soften. Grind the peppers coarsely with half of the onions (2 tatase, 2 rodo, 1onion) with minimal water or sieve out excess water . The other half onion should be ground separately; mix with the ground Egusi.

Slice vegetables thinly.


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