Suya Spaghetti Stirfry


Flavourful spicy pasta with suya mince beef.

I know… suya everywhere… I’m not obsessed, I promise.

This delicious spaghetti recipe is very dear to my heart as it was one of the first dishes I made that my brothers really loved when I started to cook for my family. I was new to managing the affairs of my family’s palate and belly- this really gave me win every single time. It required just a few ingredients to make my folks a really happy meal; it was also so easy and quick to put together. I was a ‘rookie’ but this dish never failed!

Fast forward to 2020 lockdown, it’s my husband and I that gets to eat this yummy spaghetti. Over the years, I have played around with adding different meats, prawns, frankfurters, sardines and even corned beef. Every single one has been a hit; then I tried mince suya– its the winner!

To be honest, sharing this recipe was not even part of my plan till this evening. I was basically ‘bullied’ by my friend over the phone. She saw the spaghetti on my instagram feed. I usually post the recipe for most of the pictures that go on instagram on here. So she expected to find this recipe here. Let’s just say she made the call- so you have Praise to thank for this recipe.



  • Spaghetti    1pack-500g
  • Mince suya   250g
  • Curry powder  2 tbsps
  • Thyme            1 tbsp
  • Onions          1 medium-sized (diced)
  • Carrot            1 large (diced)
  • Bell pepper   1 large (diced)
  • Tomatoes     2 large (diced)
  • Oil                  2 tablespoons
  • Salt                to taste
  • Seasoning    to  taste


Step 1

In a medium sized pot; cook spaghetti with 1 tablespoon curry powder till aldente. Strain cooked spaghetti in a large sieve/ colander.

Aldente means cooked through but with a bite to it; you don’t want your spaghetti too soft or soggy. Leave the spaghetti pot open while it cooks; add 1 tablespoon of oil and salt to the water. Run the spaghetti under cold water to stop the residual heat from cooking it further. 

Step 2

In a large pan, wok or pot; heat up oil. Stir in garlic, onions, thyme and remaining curry powder to fry for a minute. Add the peppers, carrots and tomatoes- stirring intermittently for 5minutes. Add salt and seasoning to taste (remember to consider the spaghetti when seasoning).

The tomatoes help add a juicy sauce base to the stirfry; we want juicy spaghetti stirfry. Feel free to add other vegetables you like.

Step 3

Stir in mince suya and spaghetti; making sure to combine the spaghetti with sauce properly. Leave it to simmer for 2 minutes. Turn off the heat.

Best served hot.


Freshly cooked suya spaghetti stirfry


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