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Yaji tortilla wraps were live on @dineasroyalty’s Instagram live today for the first time in history ( yes, I have not it seen anywhere else yet- aka copyrighted). I have planned to make this yaji flour tortilla wraps for so long now; it has been part of my list of recipes that I owe you on the blog- I’m gradually paying my debt.

After last week’s Instagram live making this quick and easy pizza recipe, the next most requested recipe to be made online was ‘Shawarma’. I thought I should go all the way-  show how to make the tortilla wraps as well as how to make them into a yummy suya shawarma from scratch because you deserve to eat soft tortilla that has not been loaded with preservatives.

I have made plain tortilla wraps in the past; but I have craving that extra flavour oomph. It is no news how much I love yaji (aka suya spice) and suya so it was the perfect choice. However, feel free to add your spice of choice. I would making various tortilla and other flatbread flavours in the near future- so subscribe below to get the new recipes straight to your email.

Let’s get this flavour oomph going…



Size: This recipe makes 16 small (7inches) tortilla or 10 large (12inches). Divide the dough as regards your size of choice. If you plan to make less wraps, simply half this recipe; when halving this recipe, simply use half of each of the ingredients required.

Spice: If you really love spicy food, add more yaji than the recipe requires; if you do not like spice, reduce the amount of spice yaji in this recipe or omit using the yaji spice to achieve plain flour tortilla. 

Those mini yaji specks you see on the dough makes all the flavour difference

Shape: Do not be worried if your tortilla wrap is not a perfect round shape. On Instragram live today, I made irregular shaped tortilla wraps (my brother said one of them looked like Nigerian map- I definitely miss my folks in Nigeria). However, if you are looking to make perfect round wraps; try this quick method described in the pictures- that is how I made the rest of the wraps. 

Irregular-shaped tortilla wraps
Use a round sharp edged tool to cut out a perfect circle in your preferred size
The cover of a pot is a perfect round tool
Remember to do the rolling and cut out on a non-stick paper so that you can easily place it in the pan without ruining your perfect circle
I cut out the non-stick/parchment paper for easy handling
As the bottom cooks, gently peel away the paper
Makes the perfect rounf tortilla wraps


Storage: If you plan to make this dough a day ahead; simply keep the kneaded dough in a cling/plastic wrap so it does not dry out, then refrigerate. If you have any leftover dough, keep in a cling/plastic wrap and refrigerate for up to 3 days for your fresh tortilla wraps. Store leftover cooked tortilla wraps in a ziplock or well-covered container to keep them soft; at room temperature for 2days or refrigerate for 3 days. Warm up the tortilla wraps for 30 seconds on each side when re-heating for later use.



  • Flour                 3cups
  • Warm water     1 cup
  • Oil                      1/3 cup
  • Salt                    1 tsp
  • Baking powder 1 tbsp
  • Yaji spice          2 tbsps


Step 1

In a large bowl; combine flour, salt, baking powder and yaji. Add oil and warm water. Mix with a spatula till well combined. Go in with your hand to make sure the mix forms a dough. Move the dough to a floured surface; knead for 2 minutes. Divide dough into 16- half the dough, then half each half, repeat halving twice agin to get 16 dough pieces. Make each piece into a ball by tucking the edges of the dough underneath itself from either side of the dough. Press the dough ball flat with your palm, cover it with a clean kitchen cloth and let it rest for 15 minutes or up to 1 hour.


Yaji tortilla dough


Press down with your palm


Step 2

Roll out each piece very flat with a rolling pin (do not stack uncooked pieces; they would stick together). Heat up a griddle/frying pan for 2 minutes on high heat- the griddle pan gives grill ines, but it is not necessary if you do not have one. Place the first rolled out dough in the hot pan; cook for 50seconds to 1 minute on each side- the tortilla would cook really fast because it is thin. Flip with a thong or pancake spatula.


Thinly rolled out tortilla dough ready for the pan


Mini and large air pockets as the bottom cooks- do not worry if you do not see large air pockets, just make sure your dough is rolled out thinly


Flip wrap to cook other side


P.s: Do not cook for longer than necessary. Overcooked tortilla wraps will be stiff, hence not pliable for making shawarma wrap as they will break when folding.


Tortilla wraps cooked in a griddle pan gets this grill line


Tortilla wrap made in a frying pan without grill lines


Tortilla wraps

Step 3 

Place each cooked tortilla wrap on a kitchen paper/cloth and cover to keep them soft and warm while you make the others. Enjoy your soft fresh tortilla wraps; make this yummy shawarma wraps today.

Soft pliable tortilla wraps ready to use


Soft tortilla wraps

P.s: Check recipe hacks above for storage tips.


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