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Food stylist & Recipe Creator. Loves nature and healthy food.

Story behind this food blog

My mother was diagnosed with Stage 3 Cancer in 2011. As part of her treatment, she was placed on a vegan diet. I decided to join her on the journey to support and care for her. I quickly realised that raw food was not very palatable to me.

I then decided to find ways to spruce up the meals while maintaining the integrity of the vegan meals. The sudden change in lifestyle was too sudden for me and I lost weight drastically. This meant I had to personally come off the diet.

However, I decided not to go back to my bad eating habits. So I started to make small changes to my meals, placing more attention to my bodies nutritional needs without sacrificing great taste. I created many recipes that my Husband and I still enjoy till this date.

While in University in 2015, I was inspired to share my recipes to help as many people as possible to improve their diets and to Dine as Royalties……

I created the blog to share various recipes and since then I have share over 90 recipes with step by step preparation guides, as well as numerous post on our Instagram page @Dineasroyalty.

In June of 2020 during the Covid-19 outbreak, we decided to re-brand and re-launch Dine as Royalty to better serve you. The team has expanded to incorporate better services and help us grow to reach more people.

Our aim is to help you eat better, to encourage and show you how to cook nutritious and well balanced meals. Eating well would benefit you by improving your Physical and Mental well being.

We know life is busy, and fast foods seem like a good option all the time. However, by simply cutting down on fast food and replacing it with one of our tasty meals, you will notice an improvement in your general health.

Cooking is about passion, so it may look slightly temperamental in a way that it’s too assertive to the naked eye.

Gordon Ramsay

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Do you have questions about recipes? Wanna work together? Feel free to write to me for all inquires!

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